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  • Advantages of hydraulic quick coupling

    The hydraulic quick coupling is designed for special heavy loads. The material of the female coupling is chrome-plated steel, the male coupling and the locking sleeve of the female coupling are hardened to resist pressure and fatigue, with a two-stage seal; no leakage, with safety self-locking fu...
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  • Why use hydraulic quick couplings?

    Hydraulic quick coupling is a kind of coupling that can realize the quick connection or disconnection of pipeline without tools, it has four main structural forms: straight type, single closed type, double closed type, and safety non-leakage type. The materials are mainly carbon steel, stainless ...
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  • The convenience of hydraulic quick couplings

    1. Quick repair and replacement on site Some large construction machinery, such as drilling rigs, large cranes, etc., may have problems with the pipeline at any time under the harsh working conditions, so it is necessary to replace the pipeline parts in time. Therefore, in order to achieve this f...
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